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Remax Advantage plus Realtor Mark Abdel receives New Zillow review

Professional, Accountable, and Reliable. Mark was always reachable no matter the situation. Always courteous with my family and I. We took or daughter with us to most of our showings and Mark was always warm and friendly. We wanted to find our dream home and because of that. We took our time to find the right home. Mark was always available for showings even at the last minute. Mark has great resources at his side to help us whenever we called him.

Towards the end we would find our selves calling him last minute to look at a fresh home that just got on the market. It was never an issue and Mark never ever made you feel uncomfortable or that he was inconvenienced. Mark also helped us sell our old home and that was even easier than buying our dream home.

Mark will always do what the customer wants but he will always be honest and upfront with the current market conditions. Mark will not promise you unrealistic numbers but he will also listen to you and at the end of the day. He is there to work for you. Marks uncanny knowledge of the market and professionalism, which no one can match, made selling our house and finding our dream house possible. Mark has a great and warm personality, which in my opinion is tough to find among realtors today.

This market is filled with realtors who only worry about their bottom line and when they are going to get paid. Ask yourself this. Many of them say they are strong with negotiating but do they really put their best foot forward for a customer they hardly know? I am sure most will attempt to work a good deal for you but once there is push back from the sellers agent, most fold and tell the buyer to accept.

They come up with excuses that put the blame elsewhere but on themselves. This is where Mark comes in. He will always fight hard for what you want but he will make sure you know the facts and the current market conditions before he starts negotiations. Mark makes sure there are no excuses at the end of the day. Marks warm personality is something you don’t see often with realtors and I truly believe this was key in getting our dream home. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone and I will reach out to Mark again one day if we decide to sell our home, Maybe when we are “empty nesters.”